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AOT'ed code that defs a var with clojure.core symbol name causes IllegalStateException


AOT'ed code that defs a var that is also a symbol in clojure.core results in an exception at runtime. This problem can be avoided with (:refer-clojure :exclude ...) but this requires a library author to update and release a new version. AOT'ed applications must then wait for all transitive dependencies to update before they can update to a new Clojure version. For some users, this problem prevents them from trying or adopting new releases.

For example, the contrib library data.int-map defines an update function. clojure.core will also have a new update function as of 1.7.0. If this library is AOT'ed, then users of the clojure.data.int-map/update function will see the exception below. This situation can commonly occur when an application uses lein uberjar to compile all of the project+libs. In this case, applications or libraries that use data.int-map (either directly or indirectly) are affected.

1 2 3 4 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempting to call unbound fn: #'clojure.data.int-map/update at clojure.lang.Var$Unbound.throwArity (Var.java:43) clojure.lang.AFn.invoke (AFn.java:40) compiler_update_not_referenced_bug.core$foo.invoke (core.clj:5)

Reproduce with this sample project: https://github.com/yeller/compiler_update_not_referenced_bug

Cause: When AOT compiling a namespace, the def forms are hoisted into the ns__init class (in the example here, clojure.data.int_map__init). The static initializer in this class creates each var in the ns via a call to RT.var(ns, name). For data.int-map the static initializer will properly create the var for clojure.data.int-map/update. But when the ns is loaded (via the clojure.data.int_map.load() method), (refer-clojure) will be called, which will remap clojure.data.int-map/update to point to clojure.core/update.

This problem does not affect non-AOT loading (which doesn't use the ns__init class) and does not affect collisions from any other namespace. Only collisions from clojure.core create this possibility.

Proposed: The proposed patch explicitly refers the Var during ns__init.load() (after Clojure symbols are referred) rather than implicitly during ns__init static {}.

This change in behavior only happens during AOT in the specific case where a core symbol is being shadowed. In that case, clojure.core has already been loaded and v (the looked up var) will have ns=clojure.core. The currentNS will be (for example) data.int-map. If that's the case, and the sym has no ns, then the new logic will be emitted.

In the case of clojure.core itself, NO new bytecode is emitted. From tests on several projects, only shadowed vars during AOT get this additional bytecode.

Patch: 0001-fix-AOT-bug-preventing-overriding-of-clojure.core-fu-v2.patch

Screened by: Alex Miller







Nicola Mometto






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Release 1.7