Required namespace outside of list is ignored


I have ns declaration in form

If I change file of third.namespace or one of dependencies's files then all affected namespaces are reloaded except current.namespace.
If I change declaration to one below then reloading works as expected and current.namespace is reloaded if I make change in same file as above.

It looks like that ns parser in tools.namespace is incorrect.
Documentation for clojure.core/require says: A libspec is a lib name or a vector containing a lib name followed by options expressed as sequential keywords and arguments.

I think that plain namespace name in require clause should be supported by tools.namespace.

Used version 0.2.7 of tools.namespace




Stuart Sierra
December 12, 2014, 7:18 PM

Cannot reproduce.

December 8, 2014, 6:33 PM

Comment made by: petrglad

I tried to play more with the reloading and it turns out that the issue is not the syntax of require but the fact that I made changes to the file.
The issue is that REPL namespace is not refreshed by even if it has file appropriately named for it's namespace and placed among other clj source files. (Explicit modification of 'current.namespace' file or re-evaluation helps, however).

Seems that I can not modify or delete the issue after creation. Probably it should be deleted until I diagnose the problem better.

Not Reproducible
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Stuart Sierra