Concurrency issues when launching multiple process with gitlib deps



When launching multiple clojure processes with the same remote git coordinate, there seems to be concurrency issues when cloning the git repository.

In this particular case, I was using node foreman to launch 2 or 3 different development workflows in parallel. One process would win and successfully clone the repo, while all others would fail with various errors. Once the git repo is successfully cloned, processes will run concurrently without issue.

The workaround is to manually launch processes so that the git repo can be successfully cloned first. But not having to worry about the concurrency issues would be nice. I was wondering if this would be considered an issue, or if my expectations or usage are off.

My clojure version is: Clojure CLI version
My git version is: git version 2.20.1 (Apple Git-117)

I have included two gists that contain log output of three different kinds of errors. The processes were run with the follow set:

export GITLIBS_DEBUG=true

Happy to provide more detail if it would help.






Alex Miller