Convert analyzer to conform to tools.analyzer's spec


tools.analyzer has a handy common AST format for map-based analysis results. We should use this format in the ClojureScript analyzer so tooling that already accepts this format can work seamlessly with ClojureScript.

Work in progress:

Order of work:

  1. Patch 1: CLJS-2260

    • :const

      • rename :constant op to :const

      • add :val entry

  2. Patch 2: CLJS-2788

    • :the-var

      • rename :var-special op to :the-var

    • :deftype

      • rename :deftype* op to :deftype

    • :defrecord

      • rename :defrecord* op to :defrecord

    • :with-meta

      • rename :meta op to :with-meta

  3. Patch 3: CLJS-2789

    • :def

      • add :ns entry

    • :throw

      • rename :throw entry to :exception

    • :try

      • rename :try entry to :body

    • :letfn

      • rename :expr entry to :body

    • :let/:loop

      • rename :expr entry to :body

    • :invoke

      • rename :f to :fn

  4. Patch 4: CLJS-2797

    • :fn-method

      • rename :method op to :fn-method

      • rename :expr entry to :body

      • rename :max-fixed-arity to :fixed-arity

      • rename :variadic to :variadic?

    • :host-field/:host-call

      • split :dot op into :host-field/:host-call

    • :js-object/:js-array

      • split :js-value op into :js-object/:js-array

    • :case

      • rename :case* op to :case

      • rename :v to :test

      • add :case-node op for grouping :case-test and :case-then ops

  5. Patch 5: CLJS-2800

    • :new

      • rename :ctor to :class

    • :children

      • move to tools.analyzer :children format

        • :children are vectors of keyword keys

        • ensure all sequence children are vectors

      • replace :children calls with a compatible function from AST -> children

  6. Patch 6: CLJS-2801

    • :quote

      • add :quote op

        • Note: This moves a lot more logic into handling :const in the emitter. We rename emit-constant -> emit-constant* and turn emit-constant into a function that emits metadata for each form before delegating to emit-constant*.

        • Note: Some emit* defmethods are factored out into higher-order function helpers (:{map,list,vector,set} -> emit-{map,list,vector,set}) and are now called from both emit and emit-constant.

        • Note: analyze-const now registers constants, but throws away the analysis results.

    • :list

      • remove :list op

        • Notes: subsumed by :quote'd :const. analyze-list still used to register constants.

    • Note: Introduced regression fixed by CLJS-2807

  7. Patch 7: CLJS-2803

    • :record-value

      • remove :record-value op, replace with :const

      • add unit tests for record literals

  8. Patch 8: CLJS-2257

    • :var/:binding/:local/:js-var

      • desugar dotted symbols

      • split :var op into :var/:binding/:local/:js-var

      • emit :local op if :js-shadowed-by-local

      • change :local to be #{:fn :letfn :let :arg ...}

    • argument validation in 'var parsing

    • :body? entries for synthetic `do` blocks

    • Unit tests

      • add them all at the end

    • AST format documentation

      • modify from tools.analyzer's

Extra stuff:

  • :type field in :const ops

  • :try/:catch

    • convert to tools.analyzer.js style (:try has :catches, a vector of :catch nodes)

  • :form of :binding should be :name

  • rename :t to :name in :deftype/:defrecord

  • namespace-qualify CLJS-specific ops




benedek fazekas
April 17, 2019, 12:05 PM

Recording my findings while looking at in case somebody finds it useful.

Based on the above mentioned issue I think CLJS-2051 is related to this ticket. I also found that

  • :raw-forms containing the stages of macro expansion including the original form is not part of CLJS ASTs

  • :op = :binding nodes in CLJS ASTs seem to be missing :children entry so walking the AST using the :children references cut short at :binding nodes

Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant
September 13, 2017, 12:56 PM

In the body of this issue I have proposed a sequence of potential patches such that each patch will be easily screenable.

Can I have some feedback on this? Should some of these steps be combined/split?

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Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant


Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant